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LegalHalt is an endeavour to help organizations and individuals to get their legal work done in a cost effective and good manner. We all understand that legal work or any legal matter is a bit complex and we all would like to focus on other aspects of our life and business rather than on the legal matters. At the same time legal matters are of utmost importance that cannot be left unattended.

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We are a technology-driven platform, offering services that cover the legal needs of startups and established businesses. Some of our services include incorporation, government registrations & filings, accounting, documentation and annual compliances. In addition, we offer a wide range of services to individuals, such as property agreements and tax filings. Our mission is to provide one-click access to individuals and businesses for all their legal and professional needs.

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Many of Legal adviser on the app, who are available 24*7 to talk to customers on chat or call. It does more than 1,50,000 minutes of consultation every day!

In the complex tapestry of society, lawyers serve as the guardians of justice, upholding the principles of fairness, advocating for the voiceless, and ensuring that the rule of law prevails. They are the navigators through the labyrinth of legal complexities, standing beside individuals, businesses, and communities in their pursuit of legal recourse and protection.

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A huge chunk of credit for what we are today goes to the force of online legal adviser we have got on board. Legal adviser come from different walks of life and only the best, who has a piece of extensive knowledge in their field, make it to this platform for your convenience. As the legal adviser work with us, they are scrutinized in the form of ratings that the customers give them.